Title 1 Information
The Wicomico County Board of Education recognizes that Parents are their children’s first teachers and that parents function as educators throughout their child’s lives. More than thirty years of research show that student academic success and high self esteem are closely related to parent involvement in education from prekindergarten through high school. Pemberton Elementary School also believes that the education of our children is a shared responsibility. Involvement by the school, the family and the community creates a stronger educational system and improves the quality of life for the students, their families and the entire community of Wicomico County. The school system as well as individual schools make the commitment to establish programs and practices that create a climate of mutual trust and respect and that support substantive parent involvement.

School Improvement Plan (SIP) 2017

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Pemberton Compact Spanish 2016.docx
Pemberton Compact 2016-2017 Haitian.docx

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Pemberton Compact Korean 2014-2015 (FINAL).doc
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